About Us

Free Applications & Loan Consultations

If you are struggling with finances and need help, we encourage you to apply and speak with a loan consultant. There are no upfront costs until you begin making your payments.

Quick Loan Payouts

We’ve streamlined the application and qualifying processes, so all approved borrowers receive their loan funds in 24 hours or less.

Customers Are Top Priority

We sincerely value every customer applying for title loans South Jordan. If you need help or have questions just ask. We offer several loan center locations and are available every day of the week to help customers.

How Does the Title Loan Process Work?

Choosing an Application Option

It really isn’t necessary to take time off from your job to apply, but it you wish to meet with a loan representative, you are welcome to fill out an application at a convenient loan center store in the South Jordan, UT area. We also accept applications over the telephone, or you can take advantage of our online application.

Your Loan Consultation

Loan consultations are held over the phone to keep the process quick and simple. You will receive a call from a loan rep that will provide you with an overview of our loan process from start to finish. You might want to prepare for your consultation by locating your monthly income and expenses. This information comes in handy when confirming your income and choosing a loan repayment package.

Normally, we provide applicants with a choice of repayment packages. Depending upon the size of your loan amount, you can choose a short repayment period with larger payments or you can select a longer repayment plan with smaller payments over time. If needed, we can also custom design a new package to meet your budget concerns.

Agreeing to the Loan

To meet Utah state regulations and make verbal agreements binding, we require all approved borrowers to read and sign a loan contract for auto title loans in South Jordan. Reading through a contract gives borrowers an opportunity to double check what they are agreeing to and have the opportunity to ask questions. Gooden Title Loans adheres to all state regulations imposed on title lenders and borrowers by including the terms of the loan. Contracts will include the following information:

  • The total cost of the loan
  • Your repayment schedule
  • The interest rate
  • The cost of the interest
  • Applicable loan fees
  • Minimum payment amounts
  • A brief explanation of what could happen if borrowers fail to make their payments

Closing a Car Title Loan in South Jordan

After signing your contract at a loan center store, you must complete your collateral requirements by turning over your car title temporarily. Titles are returned shortly after we process your final loan payment. You can collect your loan funds and begin making payments according to your loan repayment schedule. Securing your loan with your car title is easy and fast. If you need quick cash today, you can depend on title loans in South Jordan, UT.

A Simple Application Process

Gooden Title Loans makes it easy to apply and qualify for loans. You won’t get the run around and have to wait weeks to learn whether you’re approved. We’re proud to offer upfront loan estimates to each and every applicant after receiving applications. You’ll know right away how much money you can borrow. Applications and consultations are both free, so you’ll have the opportunity to speak with an expert in finances who can help you to make solid financial decisions.

Application Requirements

To start the application process you’ll need the following information:

• Your phone number, home zip code and your full name.

• Auto information, which includes a mileage estimate and the make, model, body style and age of your auto to be offered as collateral.

Loan Approval Requirements

Most applicants are pleased to learn that we only ask for basic requirements to approve loans. You’ll need:

• A government issued identification card like your driver’s license or a Utah identification card to confirm you meet the age requirement to sign a contract. Applicants should be 18 or older.

• We can accept older model vehicles or even new ones. However, any auto offered for collateral purposes needs to be in working condition.

• To close title loans South Jordan, borrowers must turn in their car titles. Titles should be free of liens and list you as the legal owner of the vehicle.

• Acceptable sources of income. We are pretty lenient when it comes to income sources. We have been known to qualify folks with unemployment income, welfare benefits, self-employment income, retirement benefits, and disability benefits and of course, income from a regular job.